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Comparing Apples

Level: Beginner
Author(s): Creative Decisions Foundation, Thomas Saaty
Thomas Saaty compares apples by entering ratios of their sizes in an AHP pairwise comparison matrix. It leads to a valid answer and he explains that ratios are also used when comparing elements on an intangible property. It is a validation exercise. To validate a process you use it to see if give...

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On the Measurement of Intangibles Relative Measurement Derived from Paired Comparisons

Level: Intermediate
Author(s): Thomas Saaty
The document is from Thomas Saaty's unpublished book "New Mathematics and Measurement for the Physical, Social and Life Sciences" finished in 2004. This is chapter 1 of the book: On the Measurement of Intangibles, Relative Measurement Derived from Paired Comparisons. Nearly all of ...

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