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Business Partner

Duquesne Light Company

We are thrilled to have as our business partner for the TL Saaty 2024 Hackathon, Duquesne Light Company. Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is a leader in the transmission and distribution of electric energy in the Pittsburgh region, and has been for more than 100 years. DLC consistently ranks among the most reliable utilities in the state and part of that reliability is our commitment to upgrading our infrastructure. That includes nearly $2 billion in transmission and distribution infrastructure investments between 2023 - 2027. DLC's employees are dedicated to ensuring equal access to safe, resilient, reliable and affordable energy while also enabling our region’s clean energy future.

During the Hackathon you will meet with people from DLC, learn about their operations and the real decision making problems that they have faced and/or are expecting to face in the future. You will be asked to set up creative models to support them in their decision making process on the given situations.

Learn more about Duquesne Light Company here: