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Kate's Real Food

We are thrilled to have as our business partner for the TL Saaty 2023 Hackathon, Kate’s Real Food. Kate’s has experienced exponential growth in the sales of their organic energy bars and bites. So much so that they established their own production company. The Organic Snack Company, to produce organic snacks. Today they are using a 20,000 square foot production facility located in Bedford, PA but have just completed an expansion which will double their production facility. Their USDA-certified organic snacks can now be found in 4,000+ retail locations across the country, including Whole Foods, REI, H-E-B,, and Pitt. Kate’s has partnered with Delta airlines to distribute their bars as part of Delta’s snack offering on domestic flights. Kate’s has also worked to donate bars to NGOs and not-for-profit organizations. They were able to deliver thousands of bars to Ukraine several months ago.

During the Hackathon you will meet with people from Kate’s Real food, hear their incredible story from a hobby to one of the fastest growing brands in their catgegory, learn about their operations and the real decision making problems that they have faced and/or are expecting to face in the future. You will be asked to set up creative models to support them in their decision making process on the given situations.

Learn more about Kate’s Real Food here:

Learn more about The Organic Snack Company (TOS) here: