The Essentials of the Analytic Network Process with Seven Examples

Level: Beginner
Type: Presentation

The Super Decisions Software
United States
Thomas Saaty
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh
United States

Abstract: Every Project should have a summary with the following figures and tables included 1. Title with brief explanation of what the problem is and why a decision is needed. 2. BOCR networks compactly shown 3. Table of the BOCR control criteria, subcriteria and their priorities 4. Table of the priorities of the alternatives from each BOCR network nicely arranged 5. Table of the synthesized priorities of the alternatives for each of the 4 BOCR 6. Strategic criteria and subcriteria and their priorities 7. The intensity scale for rating the BOCR and table for rating the top alternative for each of the 4 BOCR as representative of that BOCR merit. Most costly and most risky alternative must be derived and used. The four priorities of the BOCR must be shown before and after normalization 8. Table of overall synthesis of the priorities of the alternatives with the marginal formulas BO/CR and the total formula bB+oO-cC-rR AHP Causal, ANP Non-Causal and is a New Way of Thinking and Synthesis

Topics: AHP, ANP, BOCR