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Rating Examples

Level: Beginner
Author(s): Creative Decisions Foundation, Thomas Saaty
This is an AHP ratings example for giving Salary Raises to Employees. The Ratings approach of AHP is used to rate employees one-at-a-time for their work performance on company criteria. Their performance scores are used to proportionately allocate the money available for salary raises among the e...

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Questionnaire of life satisfaction

Level: Beginner
Author(s): Thomas Saaty, H. J. Zoffer, Lirong Wei
How satisfied is each of us with the fulfillment of his life? In this paper after a thorough search of the literature about satisfaction, 58 criteria and subcriteria related to satisfaction or fulfillment were identified and arranged in a hierarchic structure. A process of prioritization known as...

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Python AhpAnpLib Theory 3: Ratings model

Level: Intermediate
Author(s): Creative Decisions Foundation
In this tutorial, Dr. Elena Rokou delves into the world of AHP Ratings Models, a fundamental aspect of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology. AHP Ratings Models play a crucial role in quantifying the relative importance of criteria and alternatives, providing a structured approach to d...

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