The Brain: Unraveling the Mystery of How it Works, The Neural Network Process

Thomas Saaty
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Language: English, American
Pages: 481
ISBN: 188860302X

Abstract: This work confirms what many contemporary thinkers have claimed: that all human actions, sensations, thoughts and even emotions are derived from the synthesis of neural firings in the brain. This book offers the mathematics to describe how this happens and the nature of their interaction, feedback and synthesis. As an acknowledgement of his expertise, in 2017, the last year of his life, the highly acclaimed Neural Networks journal published two of his papers on the subject and the European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics published the article “Origin of neural firing and synthesis in making comparisons” co-authored with Dr Luis Vargas. The purpose of this book is to construct a scientific framework of the process by which the brain responds to stimuli and integrates sensory data and, further, how it synthesizes perceptions, memories, inputs from the muscles and nervous systems of the body and ideas. Because the brain puts pieces of information together in stages.

Subject(s): Brain, NNP

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