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The Logic Of Priorities & Analytic Planning: The Organization of Systems

Author(s): Thomas L. Saaty, Kevin P. Kearns, Luis G. Vargas
Language: English
Publisher: RWS Publications
Pages: 299pp. + 208 pp.
Edition: 1991
ISBN-10: 1-888603-07-0
ISBN-13: 978-0962031786


The Logic of Priorities

This book is divided into five parts: prioritization, applications of prioritization, planning, resource allocation and prediction. There are applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process in these five areas in business, energy, health and transportation. The planning examples include forward and backward planning in the South African conflict resolution example and in the Sudan transport study. Risk and uncertainty are covered in the portfolio selection example. An example of estimating input-output technological coefficients using the AHP is given in an appendix.

Analytic Planning: The Organization of Systems

The Analytic Hierarchy Process is presented as a conceptual framework for linking systems and planning. Part I, Systems and Complexity, covers the rationale of systems theory and shows how a system\'s purpose, functions, flows and structure are represented in an AHP model. Part II, Strategic Planning, covers current theories of strategic planning and how to use the AHP in a forward-backward planning process. Examples of forward and backward planning are given.

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