Thomas L. Saaty (1926 - 2017) »


Conflict Resolution

Author(s): Thomas L. Saaty, Joyce M. Alexander
Language: English
Pages: 252
Edition: 1989
ISBN-10: 027593229X
ISBN-13: 978-0275932299


This book demonstrates a new way to analyze and negotiate conflict resolution. It provides a framework in which conflicting parties can participate partly, fully, or not at all. Unlike the traditional quantitative approach, this new approach deals with tangible and intangible factors including political skill, diplomacy, threats, and concessions. Intangible factors are measured and traded off against tangible ones. A thorough discussion of the Analytic Hierarchy Process is followed by its application to a series of current world conflicts including Northern Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East. Retributive conflicts are then given special attention. Cases include the Canadian/U.S. free-trade negotiations.

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