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Pensiero creativo, problem solving e decision making

Author(s): Thomas L. Saaty
Translated by: Fabio De Felice, Thomas L. Saaty and Antonella Petrillo
Language: Italian
Publisher: Aracne Publisher
Pages: 364
ISBN-13: 978-88-548-9747-2


This book is the Italian translation of the book "Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making" by Prof. Thomas Saaty, RWS Publisher.

We are very grateful to Prof. Thomas L. Saaty that gave us the opportunity to work with him in this project. For us it was an inestimable honor. We are very proud of this recognition.

The fundamental premise of this book is that creativity can be taught - and learned - quite effectively. This might come as a surprise.

It may also come as a surprise that intelligence (or the lack of it) does not restrict creativity. This has been validated in practice. That is the second premise of this book. In fact, creativity only requires enough intelligence to enable one to think a little and to collect one's ideas in a purposeful manner. One may not be very intelligent, yet one can be a creative genius. For example, Beethoven was a genius at music but a sad case at arithmetic.

This book is intended to be both challenging and entertaining. It is designed to help readers feel more comfortable with the topic, and more confident of their own creative abilities. It aims to inspire readers to try the exercises in creativity presented, and invite them to laugh, to scowl and disagree, and most of all, to explore what may, at first seem like unfamiliar territory. Each of us possesses immense resources, and this book provides an opening to allow them to come forth.

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